Breaking News: Linda Jordan Files Obama General Election

Breaking News: Linda Jordan Files Obama General Election
Ballot Access Challenge in State of Washington – 27Aug2012


Washington State housewife asks the Court to check Barack Obama’s I.D.

How many times have you been asked that question? “Can I see your I.D.?” And what do you do? You pull it out of your wallet or purse and show it. In Obama’s case the I.D. he’s using wouldn’t get him past the bouncer at a cheap bar. Not even if he was a pretty girl. It’s a lousy fake.

So how did it get him in to the White House? And how did it get him on the ballot? That’s what Linda Jordan wants to know.

You can’t get an I.D. without a birth certificate and a law enforcement agency[1] has determined that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.  Jordan agrees. “I’ve cut up better fake I.D., much to the dismay of a “clever” teen. Obama’s birth certificate would never pass the “Mom test”.”


Read the rest at the above link


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