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A Point in Time – Understanding “Natural Born Citizen”: – By Mike Voeltz


 A Point in Time  – Understanding “Natural Born Citizen”:

By Mike Voeltz
To understand Article 2 Section 1 Clause 4, one must simply look at it through the prism of the time it was written. At the time of the ratification of the Constitution, 1789, the time referred to in the clause, there were only 2 sets of “citizens” in America, and all were eligible to be President. Those two sets were the citizens of the new states in 1789, and the natural born Citizens, or those born of the citizens of those new states since the Declaration of Independence.
The case of Inglis v. Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor, 28 US 99 (1830), only 41 years after ratification, illustrates that point in time of 1789. The reason that case is annotated to Article 2 section 1, clause 4, by the 43rd Congress, in the Revised Statutes 1873, is because of that illustration. It proves that Congress, in 1873, thought that natural born Citizens were born in the US of 2 US Citizen parents. The clause has never been amended, and must mean exactly what it did then. Any blurring, clouding, or obfuscation of the meaning of natural born Citizen is thwarted by the simple logic of examining the point in time the clause was ratified.
Read the rest at the above link

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