Very Important – American Revolution: County Sheriffs vs. the Federal Government

Very Important – American Revolution: County Sheriffs vs. the Federal Government

Get one thing straight and get it right!
Americans are not revolting against the Federal government and we are not planning a revolution against the Federal Government of The United States of America.
The Federal government revolted against us. They are the ones constantly violating our Constitution, from the street punk who calls himself President, right on down to local government employees.


As inFranceduring World War II, there is in fact an American Resistance and an American Underground. We are everywhere. We have more people and we have more guns than do the traitors. Does anyone think that they are not afraid of us?
Then why else do they secretly hurry through a Federal law to pick up and imprison any American citizen without charges, without trial, without legal counsel, without evidence and put them under military dominance in a secret location?
Read the rest at the above link.

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