Thoughts of an old Natural Born American Citizen

Thoughts of an old Natural
Born American Citizen


These thoughts will not have any rhyme or reason. They will be as they come to me.

My first thoughts concern the plight of the young people of today.

When I was young, we would help our parents by working around home and as we got older, we would help out by working in the fields, planting, hoeing and picking. If our parents didn’t have a crop, we would earn extra money by working for another farmer.

Now, the farmers use high tech machinery to do the work the young people used to do. For example, we would start by throwing the hay bales onto a trailer and another would stack the bales. From throwing the bales you would move up to stacking and from stacking you would move up to driving the mules or tractor. Now one person runs the baler and the kids are out of a job.

There’s only a limited number of McDonald jobs available. Where are these young people supposed to get jobs and learn about the work ethic??


When I went to school back in the dark ages, 1940′s, 1950′s and 1960′s, school was designed to give you an education, not teach social programs. If I didn’t get passing grades, there was no advancement to the next grade.

We learned about the Constitution, our Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence. We were taught about the requirements for Senators, Representatives, Vice President and President. We were taught to read about the people running for office and make an intelligent decision.

The Vice President and President were the only ones that were required to be Natural Born Citizens. These were citizens born on the soil of the country and with two American citizen parents.


When I went to school it was not uncommon to have kids bring guns to school for the purpose of going hunting after school. The Second Amendment to the Constitution actually meant what it said. It didn’t require a law degree to understand it. “The Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. That meant that the only people that could control your owning or carrying a firearm were your parents.


This will be added to as I can.


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